How To File A Complaint & Request OSHA inspection

How To File A Complaint & Request OSHA inspection


The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 gives employees and their representatives the right to file a complaint and request an OSHA inspection of their workplace if they believe there is a serious hazard or their employer is not following OSHA standards. The Act gives complainants the right to request that their names not be revealed to their employers.

Complaints from employees and their representatives are taken seriously by OSHA. It is against the law for an employer to fire, demote, transfer, or discriminate in any way against a worker for filing a complaint or using other OSHA rights.

If you think your job is unsafe and you want to ask for an inspection, It is confidential. If you have been fired, demoted, transferred or discriminated against in any way for using your rights under the law, you must file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days of the alleged discrimination.

Complaint Filing Options, You have these options to file your safety and health complaint:

1. Online – Go to the Online Complaint Form Written complaints that are signed by workers or their representative and submitted to an OSHA Area or Regional office are more likely to result in onsite OSHA inspections.

2. Fax/Mail – Download the OSHA complaint form complete it and then fax or mail it back to your local OSHA Regional or Area Office.

3.Telephone – your local OSHA Regional or Area Office. OSHA staff can discuss your complaint and respond to any questions you have. If there is an emergency or the hazard is immediately life-threatening, call your local OSHA Regional or Area Office.

OSHA recommends that employees try to resolve safety and health issues first by reporting them to their supervisors, managers or the safety and health committee. At any time, however, employees can complain to their local OSHA Area or Regional Office and ask for an inspection or an investigation.


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