Keep the Emotion in Safety

So often in life we’re told to keep our emotions in check.

And, a lot of times, in order to act rationally, to make smart choices, we do need to act with logic, not emotion.

But when it comes to safety, a healthy dose of emotion can go a long way. Because what is safety, really, other than concern for other people?

Safety is personal.

In 2013, a trio of filmmakers introduced a play-based documentary, “Charlie Victor Romeo,” or CVR – what is commonly known as the block box on airplanes.

The film uses dialogue from the transcripts of black boxes recovered after six airline emergencies, bringing the audience into the cockpit with the pilots and crew as they face catastrophe.

It personalizes the tragedies, forces the viewer to associate a face, a voice with the accident.

Too often, that context is overlooked in the minutiae of safety preparedness. But regulations, standards, edicts exist for a reason – to save lives.

Let’s keep the lives in the story.

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