Survey: What motivates workers and supervisors to think safety?


Finding strong safety training techniques can sometimes be difficult. Even the most effective training processes can start to feel a little stale after awhile. Bringing in new ideas from time to time can help keep your workers engaged in safety training. However, the next great training idea could be difficult to pinpoint.

Our latest survey found that when it comes to finding out what will increase buy-in among employees and supervisors, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. We surveyed close to 300 people, the majority of whom were safety managers. This is what we found:

When it came to employee buy-in, results showed that employees respond well to a personal, relatable touch. 38.7% of respondents said that they find sharing stories to be the most effective way to get workers on board.

Other methods in the top 3 include:

* showing pictures (17.8%), and
* reviewing workplace policy and discipline (16.5%)

In contrast, respondents revealed that more general training techniques were much less helpful to employee buy-in:

* 12.3% of respondents found reviewing OSHA rules to be effective, and
* Only 2.4% of respondents said telling employees about statistics worked for them.

Supervisors see it differently

However, when asked about which training techniques were most effective for increasing supervisor buy-in, respondents revealed a shift among some similarities:
* Like employees, supervisors respond well to reviewing workplace policy and discipline, at 28.7%, and
* Supervisors enjoy hearing personal accounts, as 18.2% found this technique most effective.

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